Monday, January 14, 2008

Taiwan Legislative Yuan Election

The election for a new Legislative Yuan (立法院)is finally over. Kuomingtang (Nationlist) party has 81 seats, the ruling DPP has 27 seats out of a total of 113 seats in the new Legislative Yuan.

Well, at least the people in Taiwan gave the ruling DPP a clear signal to express their unhappiness with DPP's performance.

Whether to be part of China or becoming an independent country is only significant to the few elites in power; as that decides who will be recorded in the history textbooks as heroes. For the general public, what matters more is their daily life. How good their life is, how easy to make a living under the ruling party.

Look at what DPP did in the past 8 years? They provided lots of bad taste entertainment to people in Taiwan, as well as the rest of the world. They had lots of promises, but did they deliver any? They are only interested in cutting ties with mainland China, did they ever care about the lives of the people in the street? Any economic policy that they came up to make Taiwan prosperous?

The utmost important task of whoever in power is to make sure people have a good life. Whoever forgets this important task will be dumped, in any democratic society.

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