Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NTUC's Service & My First DIY Attempt

I got my water heaters from Fairprice Xtra at AMK hub, and paid for the installation service as well. This afternoon, two guys came and looked around, then told me they could install the water heater for me.

Ok, never mind. I asked for the reason. The guys said I don't have the proper piping, neither proper electrical wiring. I pointed to them where the water pipe is, which is right below where the heater is supposed to be, and the electrical point right above. All they need to do was to run a short wire, and a short pipe to connect up.

The answer? Oh, we don't do this. The piping is plumber's work, electrical wires plus the conduit cost additional S$30.00 for a 3 feet long wire. All that they would do is to connect up if all wires and pipes are there. My foot! If everything is there, why do I need you to come and do an INSTALLATION!

Too bad, I had already paid for the 'installation' service. No choice. I went to buy two new taps - the 2-way taps, and two flexi-hose, which cost me S$87.00! (I must have been ripped off by the convenient store lady)

With the instructions given by my big brother, I managed to turn off the water supply, removed the old tap, screw in the new tap and the flexi-hose. Done. 10 minutes work. So because of those useless installation guys, I changed a water tap for the first time in my life. Somebody's teaching says love your enemies, and those who make life difficult for you. Yes, indeed. If they didn't make life difficult for me, I will never learn.

After Chinese New Year, I will continue the electrical work. At least give it a try. Knowledge is GOLD. It is always true!

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