Friday, January 25, 2008

The Rebound

STI continued its uptrend today, up 100+ points at market close. It is pretty impressive. Many investors who fished for bargain during the bull slaughter are now making quite a bit of money. I would expect the market continues its uptrend in the next week or two. STI may have a chance to hit 3300 points.

My broker sms'ed me on Wednesday morning, telling me if I were adventurous, I could buy some good value stocks before the opening of the Hong Kong stock exchange, and hold for a few days. If I had taken up his advice, I would be making quite some money by now. Too bad, I was busy doing up my flat that day. No access to the internet.

Anyway, I am ready to sit out this round. I have no time to take care of the stocks right now. And I don't want to get into the market blindly which I did in the past. I will start participating again, maybe after Chinese New Year. It is actually a bit wasteful. Most probably there will be a small Chinese New Year rally. Good time to scoop some put warrants. Too bad I will out of action, until the rally is over.

Just be content with what I have. Don't be too greedy...

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