Sunday, January 20, 2008

Environmentally Unfriendly

As I am packing my stuff for a move, I found I have loads of brochures from all the different banks, credit cards, Easy Credits. They send me finely printed promotional materials, discount catalogs which I didn't even open to take a look. It is such a waste of paper.

I would like to send them for recycling, but where I live does not seem to have any recycle bins, so the only out is to chunk them into the rubbish chuke, and let nature take care of it. I feel guilty. This should not be the way we should treat Mother Nature.

Our torture to her has already led to consequencese we have to bear. Last year, the prices of natural products, including agricultural products, oil started to have shortage in supply. Mother Nature can't continue to meet our wasteful lifestyle's demands.

Let's all work together, from small little things in our daily life, to help save our Mother Nature for ourselves, and many generations to come...

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