Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Cheap & Good Lunch Set

As I wondered around in Suntec's food court yesterday, I found this small little restaurant like outlet next to Pasta Mania. They have various set meals available, price is around S$4.50 range.

I ordered my 'Emperor herbal soup' set meal. It is actually not bad. They give you the herbal chicken soup, plus a small bowl of water crest soup, two side dishes, a portion of vegetables, and then rice with egg. The taste is not bad, at least comparable with any food court food. At a price of S$4.50, it is really value for money. And then previously this outlet was a restaurant, so they still have all the nice and comfortable restaurant tables & seats, not your usual food court tables.

One thing that I don't understand is at lunch time, the food court outside was packed, but this place still has plenty of vacant seats. Maybe because all the guys at this stall are from mainland China, their English proficiency is not very good, and their service speed is a bit low. It takes quite a while for them to serve one dish. A queue will quickly build up with just a couple of customers in line.

Next time, give it a try. I think this S$4.50 is well spent, much better than the more expensive but lousy food in the Suntec food court.

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