Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Star Awards 2009

In China, it is a tradition that the whole family or the whole clan gather together at least once a year to pay their respects to their ancestors. Suckling pig, together with other offerings, will be offered to the ancestors.

After the ceremony, the suckling pig will be divided in equal portions and distributed among all the males in the family or clan. In Chinese, we called this '太公分猪肉', which means as long as you are a male descendent of the ancestors, you will get a portion, regardless your status, or contribution.

Star Award 2009 is just around the corner. It is again this 太公分猪肉 time. Just in case you don't know, Star Award is a local award specially created to award our local TV 'stars'. There are numerous titles for you to grap. As long as you don't do too badly, or say or do something that leads to an uproar, then most likely you will get an award.

And really, what do our local TV stars do? Did they do a good job? Our local shows are so boring, shallow. The actors/actresses are acting so hard that you can tell that they are acting very hard. Always the same body language, always the facial expression, and always the same old & BORING plots.

Hello, wake up please!!!

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