Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hareluya II BOY

Ok, Hareluya II BOY is not exactly a movie, rather, it is a Japanese animation TV series.

The theme is mainly on Japanese high school violence. How the weak students get bullied by the scums & bullies in their schools. Then there is this superhero for the weak students, who is this Hareluyu II boy. He is strong, he fights well, always appears at a time when the weak students need some help.

I am not sure whether school violence is rampant in Japan, but this TV series definitely gives those students who have been bullied in school some hope, an illusion that someone almighty is out there and he may come to their help sooner or later.

The main character of this animation poses as the son of God, which by Christian thinking, is no other than Jesus Christ! This animation may not go well with Christians. And this series has quite a bit of violence, lots of gang fighting.

You can find the plot summary here;
and the description of main characters here.

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