Wednesday, April 8, 2009

S.A.M Machine Upgrading...For Your INCONVENIENCE!

Yes, the title is correct, for your INCONVENIENCE! Recently most of the S.A.M. machines at various MRT stations have been upgraded to the new generation machine. With the upgrade, I expect it will be more convenient for the users. However, to my great disappointment, this upgrade seems to have taken out some convenient features of the old machine.

1. With the new machines, only at selected locations there is a weighting scale for people to weight their parcels to determine the postage.

2. All the new machines only allow NETS transactions, which imposes a minimum transaction amount to be S$2.00. If you want to buy a 26 cents stamp, then you have to buy more to make up for the S$2.00. The feature to use coins has been removed.

I don't understand why people want to replace functional machines with less convenient machines. Sigh...

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