Monday, April 6, 2009

TFCD with V. E.

Did a TFCD with a very nice young guy V on Sunday morning at Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. The shoot was more difficult than I had previously estimated. The sun was playing hide & seek with us, sometimes it was shining brightly; sometimes it was so shy that it hid behind all the black clouds :( It does not help that Tanjong beach was strangely crowded on that day. People looked at us with great curiosity, wondering what these two guys were doing. And considering that Straits Times featured a not so positive article about photo-shoots in Clubsnap on that Sunday too.

Anyway, the shoot was enjoyable in general. We tried many things, although many failed. The beach is a lot more cluttered than I thought, and I under-estimated the difficulty in avoiding all the clutters.

V was very co-operative and willing to attempt all the funny stuff. I think he must be cursing me for asking him to jump numerous times, and had to face the shining sun, making it painful for his eyes.

I learned quite a lot through this shoot. There are some other shoots in the works, but before that, I need to settle something much much more important in life, something good and I am looking forward to :)

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