Saturday, April 4, 2009

Suspect X

Suspect X is a continuation of the popular TV series of Detective Galileo. The same cast moved from the small screen to the big screen. However, this big screen debut is very much a let-down for me.

The weakest link in the big screen debut is the story line. First 3/5 of the movie has been used to lay down the plot, or the mystery. It is so successful that I actually feel very bored when I watched the first 3/5. A simple murder story, and I already know who the murders are, how it happens, totally no suspense at all. Then only the last 2/5 of the movie makes a 180 degrees turn, and presents to the audience a surprise. However, the surprise is not that big. It is like you walk up a 100m hill and then walk down. You do have a turning point and a peak, but the peak is not that high.

Further more, the fun elements in the TV series is almost completely gone in the movie. It makes the movie even more boring.

My rating: 2.5/5

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