Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Everything you do is wrong...

Starting the day at 6am, arrived in office at 7.45am, then left office at 10.20pm. A long and tiring day. Guess what I did for the whole day? Well, I spent most of the time doing checks. Some genius wants us to everything right, so he/she came up with a check that will check for our mistakes. And we have to go through all the mistakes one by one, to make sure that our work is perfectly done.

When we talk about mistakes, we are not talking about tens or hundreds, but thousands and thousands. Basically everything that we do is wrong. The check is very thorough, it checks all combinations that is possible, making sure that whatever you do, the check will flag an error.

After checking hundreds of the so-called mistakes, I decided not to bother about it anymore. Whoever thinks highly of those checks, please verify the errors the checks flag himself/herself. I am not going to spend my precious time doing such idiotic things.

Some may argue that there may be some genuine mistakes being flagged. Yeah, right! Even if there is one, are you sure you will not miss it in the hundreds of thousands of falsely flagged errors?

The only sure thing in this world is human stupidity :P

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