Monday, April 13, 2009

Microstock:A Milestone, A Bottle-neck

At the end of March, I arrived at another milestone in terms of microstock income. The revenue from Microstock has covered most of my equipment cost, basically now my camera is free, my 10-22mm is free, my 90mm macro is free, my 28-135mm is free too. They have all been covered by the revenue from Microstock. It is great that your hobby can generate income to at least partially support itself.

However, I have also come to a bottle-neck. I can't seem to produce more sell-able microstock photos. My photos are going into a cliche, always the same perspective, nothing new, nothing novel. This is manifested in my last TFCD. I had a nice model to work with, but then just that I couldn't come up with great, or at least better photos.

It poses a serious problem to me: If my photos are not better than the many thousands already available at the many sites, why would people buy my photos? Why would they choose mine over others. Look at all those sunny, happy photos there, even I have some doubts.

Time to be more creative, go by my own way, instead of mimicing others.

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