Wednesday, April 15, 2009

News Borrowing Rule at National Library

Our national library has implemented a new borrowing rule. In the past, you would be barred from borrowing only if you owe the library more than S$6.00 in fines and/or fees. With the new rule, you will be barred from borrowing the moment you owe the library anything more than S$0.00. Even if you owe them 1 single cent, you will still be barred from borrowing.

Ok, this rule does not affect me much, but I think it is a good measure to deter irresponsible people from borrowing from the library.

It was once reported in the newspaper that our national library is owed more than S$1 million in fines/fees arrears. I also know in person someone who owes the library about S$30.00 since his secondary school days (now he is already a graduate, and working for more than 1 year).

Those arrears will hinder further services to the genuine users of the library. Kudos to the new rule!

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