Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daylight 'Robbery' at Baiyun Airport

You may sometimes wonder how the Chinese make so much money. Now I show you how. I bought a bottle of 600ml water at a typical convenience store, it costs me RMB2.00. This is a pretty typical price for bottled water.

Then today, I bought exactly the same brand, same volume of water at Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou. Guess how much it cost me? 2 times? 3 times? Nah, far from it. It was 10 times!!!
That bottle of water cost me RMB20.00. They can charge such high price because they are the monopoly. Nobody else in the restricted area sells bottled water. With the new safety measures prohibiting passengers from carrying liquid more than 100ml, the only obvious party benefited from this measure seems to be the stores selling bottled water. And guess what, usually it is those passengers taking budget airlines have to buy from them, as water will cost about the same onboard the budget flight.

Moral of the story? Better get rich and make sure you always have the luxury to take the full-fledged airlines, which provides drinks & food onboard :)

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