Sunday, May 17, 2009

JB Dry Fried Rice Noodle (Mee Hoon)

Had lunch at a typical shop house near Leisure Mall in Johor Bahru yesterday. The shop is famous for its dry version of fried rice noodle (mee hoon).

The rice noodle they use is slim & tender. They fried it, I guess, with very little oil, and until the juices is almost completely dry out. It has a slight fragrance due to the frying. Served together with their own version of chili sauce, this dish is not too bad. The speciality in their chili sauce is that they add in some lime juice, I suppose, as the chili sauce has some slight sour taste (not because it has gone bad!)

Another dish worth mentioning is their signature Tofu (Beancurd). The crust of the tofu is crispy, but inside the tenderness of tofu remains intact.

We also ordered two other dishes. One is the wild boar meat, the other is lettuce. The wild boar meat is just so so. The meat is more chewy than pork, not everybody will like it. The lettuce dish is normal.
Here are what we ordered:

Drinks: 6
Fried Rice noodle: 3 plates
wild boar meat: 1 plate
lettuce: 1 plate
signature tofu: 1 plate

total damage is RM47.80 for 3 persons. I think it is reasonable by Singapore standard, but not actually cheap by Malaysian standard.

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