Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guangzhou Travel (广之旅)

For the South Korea trip, I traveled with Guangzhou Travel (广之旅). Guangzhou Travel, and its South Korea partner - Lotte Travel, are both supposed to be reputable travel companies in their respective countries, and the cost for Guangzhou Travel is much higher than other Chinese travel companies. However, I am actually a bit disappointed with their service, especially when it comes to food.

When I went to South Korea 8 years ago, with a Singapore travel tour, the South Korean tour guide, who was from Lotte Travel too, told us that South Korean food may not be of our taste, but at least we should eat enough rice to make ourselves full. This time round, the food was quite bad overall (except 1 or 2 meals), and in some cases, we didn't even have enough rice! The gingsen chicken and the bibimban are a bit sub-standard too. The fish in the seafood hotpot meal were not fresh.

The reason for such poor food being served has a lot to do with the budget for meals, which is set by Guangzhou Travel. Can you imagine that the budget for breakfast is RMB10/person, lunch/dinner is RMB20/person. Don't you think it is way too low for an expensive country such as South Korea?

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