Sunday, May 17, 2009

Johor Bahru Cinema

Yesterday was the very first time for me to watch a movie in a Malaysia cinema. The one we picked is Golden Screen Cinema (Pelangi).

For a Saturday movie ticket, the price is RM9.00, at the current exchange rate of S$1.00=RM2.38, it is equivalent to S$3.80. It is considered to be very cheap by Singapore standard.

What is the difference between Singapore cinemas & JB cinemas then? Here are some of my observations: (Note: GSC Pelangi is considered to be an old cinema in JB)

1. The halls are bigger in JB.
2. The deco and the seats are simpler in JB.
3. The cinema hall in JB is on a much gentler slope, so the entire floor is almost flat; whilst in Singapore, the floor is more steeply sloped for better viewing.

The above are the major difference I noticed. I am not very good at judging sound quality, so I can't really comment on that, but as least they claim they use Dolby Digital sound as well.

If you are not too critical, I think it is pretty acceptable to watch a movie in JB, even taken into account the cost of transport.

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