Sunday, May 31, 2009

Public Feedback On New Bus Stop Pole Designs

LTA is seeking feedback on new bus stop pole designs. There are 3 different designs. I think all of them ugly. Anyway, how it looks is still secondary, the function is more important.

To me, it is mandatory to have detailed bus route information at the bus stop pole. At present, you will only see a pole showing which bus is passing by. It does not tell you where this bus is going to, what places this bus will pass by. You have to WAIT for the bus to come and ask the bus captain.

Sometimes you wait at the bus stop for the right bus but wrong direction, sometimes the bus you are waiting for does not go to the place you want to go, or makes a big detour. Passengers don't have the information to make an informed decision.

Take a look, and voice your views:

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