Friday, May 22, 2009

EY's House-Warming

Went to EY's place for his house-warming tonight. His flat in at Sembawang, a S$320,000 4-room HDB flat, corridor unit.

This flat is one of the rare big flats that I have seen at Sembawang, 102 squared meter in total. It is quite exceptional considering most 4-room flats at Sembawang are in the range of 88 to 90 meter squared.

The layout of the flat is also exceptional too. All the bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen & toilets are all perfectly rectangle in shape. This is also rare for Sembawang flats. In general, the flats have very odd shapes in that area.

The renovation is done in hotel style. The moment you step into the flat, you feel like entering a condo or a hotel. The feel is very good. They even have crescent and stars on the ceiling for you to gaze at night.

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