Monday, May 11, 2009

Pollution in Guangzhou

It has been a week since I came back from South Korea to Guangzhou. The pollution is Guangzhou is, one word, BAD!!!

On a sunny day, you will still see the blue sky, but it is only limited to the sky right above you. If you look around from a high rise building, you can see very clearly a layer of smog covering the city, covering all the buildings. Pollutants are rampant in the air we breath.

The leading professor in the battle with SARS, Prof. Zhong Nan-shan(钟南山), who is a specialist in respiratory system deseases, once said that the lungs of people living in Guangzhou are mostly black! The reason? The air is too polluted!

I am kind of afraid of staying in Guangzhou for more than one week. My sensitive nose always complains like hell. Don't think Guangzhou is a nice city to live in, until it cleans up its air & the environment.

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