Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pelangi Hawker Food

We had our dinner at a hawker center near Pelangi Plaza. It is a really small hawker centre, with around 20+ stalls only.
We ordered samba stingray, herbal roast duck & satay. Notice there is no photo of the satay? Because the satay was not very nice. Too dry and the meat is too hard to chew.
The stingray is big in size with a thick layer of meat. You can tell that it is from a bigger size stingray. The bad thing about it is that the bigger the stingray, the less tender the meat is. So this time the stingray is not as good as the last time I had at the food back alley near City Square, but it is still not bad. In terms of price, it is the same, RM20.00.
For the herbal roast duck, what they do is roast the whole duck first, then chop it into smaller pieces, then dip the whole thing into herbal soup. By hawker center standard, I think it is not bad, especially at that price (RM18.00). Of course, you can't compare it with Dian Xiao Er, it is a different class.

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