Monday, May 4, 2009

Nanta Show (乱打)

One of the highlights of my South Korea trip is watching the Nanta (乱打) show at the media centre in Jeju Island.

Nanta is a theatre comedy which integrates traditional Korean rythm, modern dance, and theatre play.

My personal opinions:

1. I like it, because in the first place it is a comedy. I like comedies.
2. I like it, because this comedy has tastefully homourous, through actor's facial expressions as well as body language.
3. I like it, because it can't be easily imitated. The play involves quite a lot of skill in dangerous object handling, such as hot oil, sharp knives.
4. I like it, because it has good interaction between actors & audiences. The audiences are involved, not just simple people watching.

Is this show perfect? No, not really. For certain part, it is a bit slow and the audiences aren't able to catch the idea.

My rating: 4.5/5

This show seems to be on the itinerary of most Chinese tour groups to South Korea. On the night when we watched the show, the whole threater was fully packed with Chinese tourists. Strangely, Nanta is never included in Singapore tour itineraries. Interesting...

There are a total of 7 teams performing this show at 3 different locations across South Korea. The show we watched was performed by the WHITE team.

You can find more information about this show at their website:

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