Saturday, October 31, 2009

Body Worlds

What is Body Worlds Exhibition? Simply put, it is an exhibition of dead bodies in a tasteful manner. The bodies have been preserved and put into different lively postures.

Dead bodies inevitably will make people feel uneasy. The exhibition organizer has done it in such a way that they mostly portrait the beauty of human body, with special emphasis on human muscles. The bodies are preserved in such a fashion that as if they were still alive. You can 'feel' the movement of their muscles in various situations, such as playing basketball, dancing, doing gymnastics.

Another portion of the exhibition emphasize the importance of taking good care of our own body. There is a display of two lungs, one from a non-smoker, another one from a smoker. The constrast is obvious and shocking. The smoker's lung is black as tar.

Singapore Science Center hired some Exhibit GUIDEs and they are available in the exhibition to answer visitors' questions. The guides performance varies quite drastically. I saw a total of 3 guides. One guy was enjoying the exhibition himself, waling from one exhibit to another, looking curiously at the exhibits. One girl was just walking around, and didn't see her much. The last one was the best one. It is his first day on this job, and I think he is from some medical-related studies. He patiently explained to the keen visitors the mechanisms in the body. The artery, the veins, the nerves, the muscles, etc. He made the dead exhibits lively, and the exhibition a lot more interesting than just looking at the captions and guess on your own.

The exhibition is on till March 2010. You can find your details at

It is an exhibition worth visiting if you are not in the medical profession. The exhibition came to Singapore once back in 2003/2004, but I didn't have the guts to pay it a visit alone. I missed that chance, but now I have the chance to make up. It is one of the sources of my many sore points, setbacks, upsets. Now I have the chance to face up the source, and I will get up from where I fell down. Thanks to the exhibitor who has brought this exhibition back to Singapore!

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