Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park & Singapore Quarry

Went for a nature walk in the morning with Lu J in Dairy Farm Nature Park yesterday. This park was opened just very recently.

I am sure the review of this park will be quite different from different people. Some will say there is nothing to see. True enough. There is no great scenary in sight at all in this park. What you see is just roads, trails, and lots of green, trees, bushes, etc.

Some may say this park is great. There are lots of insects, birds hiding deep in the greens, and you can hear their music in the morning. There are also many different typical tropical plants, producing fresh O2 for the visitors. It is such a natural oxygen bar, free of charge, all natural, no chemicals involved. It is really nice.

Singapore Quarry is one highlight in the nature park. You can still steep cliffs, peaceful quarry lake, and the colorful visitors and inhabitants of the nature - birds, fishes, and many more.

See this big a*s lens and the big a*s tripod from our bird lovers. It seems like Singapore Quarry is one popular spot for our local bird lovers. It is quite understandable. For the short time that I spent there, I saw some really nice and colorful birds fly by, resting on trees.

In Chinese paintings, you frequently see a bird resting on a lone stick by the water. Only today then I realised where the painters got their idea. It is all natural. I saw it with my own eyes today.

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