Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not So "First Class' First Class Mails

I bought something from eBay USA. The seller sent out the item promptly on 7 Oct via 'First Class' mail by US postal service. I waited and waited for 2 weeks, and the item still had not arrived. I got worried, so I droped the seller a message. He came back to say 2 weeks is not that long, maybe to wait for another week. And he gave me the US postal service's website.

I took a look at the US postal service website. It turns out their 'First Class' mail is something like the 'Normal' stream in our Singapore's education system. 'First Class' is actually not so first class. It is basically at the bottom of US postal service hierarchy. For 'Priority Mail' service, which is one notch up than 'First Class' mail, it takes 6-10 days to get delivered. I understood then why it takes so long for my 'First Class' mail to arrive.

Ok, anyway, luckily the item arrived safely today at my mail box. It took a total of 16 calender days. Next time you order something from the US, be prepared for the wait :P

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