Monday, October 12, 2009


An Italian colleague's wallet was stolen yesterday around Sim Lim Square area. When we heard the news this morning in the office, some were quite surprised. As pick-pockes are rare in low-crime Singapore.

For my many years stay in Singapore, I had only heard of one such incident previously. My FYP partner's wallet was stolen in a crowded supermart just before Chinese New Year. Ever since then, today's case is the 2nd one that I have heard of from people I actually know.

Then a Singaporean colleague said his mother's wallet was also stolen a few months ago in Chinatown area.

Mmmh, it does not really sound good. Does this mean our low-crime rate is going north now? This also reminds me of one video clip showing a woman stealing another woman's handbag in a hawker center/food court.

As the police say, LOW CRIME DOES NOT MEAN NO CRIME. We should never be complacent. We are still in a recession, some guys may want to get some quick bucks.

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