Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Red FM

Red FM, what do you guess it to be? Haha... Not some communist stuff lah. It is actually an English language Malaysia radio station that I just discovered yesterday.

I found this station when I was playing around with the old old radio that SYK left. Somehow I like this station, they sound better than the Singapore ones. I can't tell why, somehow their DJs seem to have pretty nice voice, or maybe the songs they play are older :P You will hear something like Everything I Do, I Do It For You. Very old song heh...

And then they are promoting a special party - A school uniform party in Port Dickson. Sounds weird, isn't it? Guess what is the most common color of school uniforms in Malaysia?

Anyway, I always find it a pity that Singapore and Malaysia don't integrate their services and have some synergy. Guess how much more business activities will be if there is a high-speed train link between Singapore and Kuala Lumper. The two cities can have the same day travel just like Taipei & Kaosiong. Too bad, we don't have it now, and won't have any such high-speed links in the near future.

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