Sunday, October 11, 2009

Protrek Altmeter - Continued

This is a follow-up of this entry. Formerly all my altitude meter readings were compared with my gut feelings about the actual altitude, I couldn't decisively say whether the Casio Protrek's altimeter is actually correct.

So, what can I do? Of course compare it with a known altitude lor. Where can you find a place with a known altitude? Bukit Timah Hill lor, there is a stone with the altitude of the peak of Bukit Timah Hill ingraved.

I went all the way to this 'sacred' stone here. The height is stated as 163.63m. I took a reading on my Protrek 80, guess what the number came out? 165m! OMG, it is really accurate, just within the +/-5m accuracy as stated by the watch's manufacturer.

With this, I get a lot more confident about the altimeter's readings. Mmmh, this is before I bring this watch to the office, which is badly polluted by all the electromagnetic fields, from handphones, to computers, and the deadly magnets used in HDD.

Anyway, I am a lot more happier now :)


  1. Dear Sir/Mdm
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    Our newsletter, Geosphere, is circulated among high school and pre-university Geography students and is aimed at increasing and arousing their interest in the subject. The article in question is about amazing geographical facts of Singapore. The issue will be published in April this year. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Flora Toh
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  2. Flora,

    It is ok to use that photo. Cheers!