Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pedometer at Work

I put my new toy, the Omron-005 pedometer to work today. First, I went for a walk in the Dairy Farm trail. Total number of steps is only around 8000+. Followed by a short walk at Upper Pierce Reservoire, another 2000+ steps. Voila, I achieved my minimum daily quota already.

Afternoon, it was another kind of walk. Walking in the shopping centers. First stop was JB's City Square, then Jusco at Tehbrau City. We walked around 4 out of the 5 floors in the shopping complex. Somehow I find it more tiring walking in shopping centers. I get tired easily, but not in the nature walk case. I figure it must be the air. Some merchandises in the shopping malls have some very unpleasant smells, especially those plastic stuff.

Back to our topic. After one whole day's walk, my grand total is 23,366 steps! Wow, what a great 'achievement'. I finished two day's work in 1 day! :P Does this mean I can spend the whole day idling in bed tomorrow? :D

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