Monday, October 12, 2009

Shopping Spree

I am in general not a shopping guy. Great Singapore Sales usually have nothing to do with me. Can't be bothered to rub shoulders with all the aunties. However, recently I find myself start to shop more and more.

If you pay a little bit of attention, you might find some good bargains. We are still in a recession, shops want to get rid of their older stocks and recover as much as possible their capital. Never before can you see some items are going for 50-70% discount.

There is this sports apparel shop in Suntec, where I bought two pairs of speedo swimming trunks for less than S$5.00. In another occasion, I got a PUMA flight bag for less than S$40, at a deep discount of 50%.

Last week, Surfer's Paradise dry-fit t-shirt was going for S$15.00, while the original price is S$29.90 at John Little.

When the economy is good, usually I tend to refrain from going shopping. Everybody is rich during boom times. They can pay. Money is not a problem. At the end, everybody are being overcharged. When recession comes, every single cent matters, and the price for the same good goes down. I like be a shopholic! If I can get twice the amounts of goods for the same amount of money, why not?

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