Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sentosa - An Island of Construction?

Went to Sentosa to do some location searching two weeks ago. Oh my, in my old old memory, Sentosa was a place where you can have some nice sandy beach, and some natural environment, and some fun. And today's Sentosa?

When I took the new Sentosa Skytrain to go into the island, the first scene welcoming me is the huge construction site of The Resort World at Sentosa, the much touted integrated resort, a casino to be more blunt. Many rumours, but at least we could see some workers working on the site, and the buildings are coming into shape. That's a good sign.

Then as I walked along the three major beaches, I am not that impressed. Siloso is usually the most popular beach, but then it is being 'renovated'. You might wonder how to 'renovate' a beach? Sentosa's sandy beaches are all man-made. They bought sands from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, and then lay the sands nicely at the 3 Sentosa beaches, that's how we get our nice and beautiful sandy beaches.

A small mountain of sand is seen in Siloso, so I guess they are trying to 'renovate' the beach, or some sand sculpting acitivities are coming. Anyway, quite a bit of construction work there, in a nutshell.

So the crowd now goes to Palawan beach. Crowded on a weekend afternoon. Further down, the Tanjong beach, which is less popular, has nothing.

At this moment, Sentosa is one huge construction site, almost everything is under construction, not really a good time to pay it a visit. A good time may be after the opening of the Resorts World at Sentosa, more life and more attractions hopefully by then.

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