Monday, January 11, 2010


This morning, I went to TTSH again.  Oh, you know, going to TTSH means another visit to the medical specialists.  This time round, to do a gastroscopy procedure.

Reached TTSH just slightly ahead of the scheduled time, gave the receptionist my GP's referral letter, then waited for the nurse to call me.  It was pretty fast.  Once the nurse called me, then did the usual pre-procedure checks such as body temperature and blood pressure, then I was already in the operation theatre.  The doctor in charge there gave me a briefing, a really brief one and we got started.  By the time I came about, everything was already completed, and just needed to wait for the doctor to come and review the results with me.  In the mean time, they served me sandwich and milo.  Wow, I didn't eat or drink anything since midnight last night.

After quite a long wait, my doctor finally came to review the result with me.  Everything was ok except some mild syndromes, and I had to take some medicine for 6 weeks!  Wow, that was the bomb, man.  When I went to pay for today's procedure and the medicine, a bigger shock.  The procedure is S$350, but the medicine is S$220!   The lady there was also like wah.....  Afterward, I went to the Pharmacy to collect my medicine, the guy behind the counter kept saying "You must take the medicine everyday and finish all of them.  Do you know how expensive they are?  More than $200...."  Wow, I must be one big carrot head.

Ok, if you want to know more about the gastroscopy procedure, there is a good educational video from YouTube:

Well, looks like YouTube has outgrown :P

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