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Nepal Day 1 - Part I: New Bangkok Airport

18 Dec 2009

Bangkok is not really Nepal, but we transited at their new airport, so it is worth a special mention, of all the bad things.

We got off early with the 8.10am flight TG402 to Bangkok.  The transit time was short, only 1 hour.  Once we landed, we started to rush.

First, we rushed for the toilet.  It is crazy to have only one toilet in the arrival area, and you even see queues at the male toilet!

Then we rushed to the boarding gate of our connection flight TG319 to Kathmandu.  There is a serious lack of information panels in the new Bangkok Airport.  To find out which was our boarding gate, we had to look very seriously around, and find the whoever holding an A4 side cardboard displaying our connection flight boarding gate.  It is insane, but maybe energy-efficient and creates employment opportunities. :)

Once we found out what our board gate was, we again had to rush to that gate.  We landed in C-zone, while our boarding gate was in E-zone.  The run was like the army 2.4km long distance run.  I don't know how the elderly can handle this kind of long walk.  The signs are not very clear, and we got to the right gate, but wrong level!  We had to back-track and then started another round of rushing.

The design of the new Bangkok Airport is supposed to be 'futuristic', however, after decades of delay, and HKIA, KLIA, & Changi T3 came into operation, the new Bangkok Airport looks like another cliche.  There is no personality, no characteristic of its own.

Don't you find this look very similar to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport's design?

Does this remind you of HKIA?  

After all that complaints about the new Bangkok Airport, we managed to catch our connection flight to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. 

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