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Nepal Day 2 - Part I: Flight to Pokhara

19 Dec 2009

We got up very early in the morning to catch a very early morning flight to Pokhara at 7.30am with Yeti Airlines, one of Nepal's domestic airlines.

The Kathmandu domestic terminal is small & dark and spatan.  There is hardly anything there.  Check-in counters are primitive but somehow it works.

I didn't actually expect the flight to be on schedule, as by 7.20am, we were still not boarding the plane, and there was no sign of anyone going to do anything about.  Then miraculously, at 7.30am, some staff called out our flight number, and voila, all the passengers boarded in the flight in no time.
Surprised with the efficiency?  Well, take a look at our plane.  It is a small little propeller jet that takes no more than 20 passengers.  No wonder everything was so efficient.

The cabin is really small, two seats on one side, one seat on the other and then there is little space for the isle.  I was like "wah, first time in my life, man".

Once the propeller jet took off, the scenery this flight offered was truly breath-taking.  You can see almost all the highest mountains in world at the same time.  I am sorry I am not good at pinpointing which is which, but I think at least one of them should be Mt. Everest.

Suddenly you truly felt that you were the King of the World!  You forgot about the danger of traveling in a small little propeller jet!

The short 30 minutes flight was more than worth the money (US$91.00).  It offers non-stop entertainment by the tallest mountains in the world greeting you one by one. 

If you can afford it (I can quite sure you can), do take this joyful flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara.  You won't regret it.  In terms of safety, I have not checked their safety record, but so far I have not heard of any accidents. 

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