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Nepal Day 8: Annapurna Base Camp - Christmas Day

25 Dec 2009 Christmas Day

We woke up to a very cold morning.  In the middle of the night, the temperature dropped out of the measurement range of my watch, which is -10 degrees to 60 degrees.  In the morning, it was -5 degrees.  Freezing cold.  Water in my mineral water bottle was frozen and became a big piece of ice, you can use it to knock somebody out :P

Last night, Y said he wanted to get up at 5.30 this morning to catch the sunrise, and set the alarm.  The alarm rang, but there was no reaction from Y.  WJ scared me saying that some people died after a cold night.  I quickly called out Y's name and fortunately he managed to mumble something to prove he was still alive.

Outside the guest house, the entire world was covered with a thick layer of white snow.  You could see some yellowish spots just outside the corridor, must be left by those who didn't want to go to the toilet to pee :D

The weather was very good, blue blue sky.  The last time I saw such a beautiful scene was back in 2002 in Switzerland.  Wow, time flies, it has been almost a decade now.  I walked in the knee deep snow toward a high point behind the guest house.  Many people were already there admiring the sunrise.  For me, the blue sky and the white snow were a lot more attractive.

Annapurna Base Camp was our ultimate destination, so we all started to snap around with great joy. 
Yeah, we caught the sunrise!

A struggling warrior in the cold

Our group photo

This photo is to compensate for my loss of opportunity to take one yesterday when I arrived.  My very first WHITE Christmas!  And to my amazement, my watch's altitude meter actually more or less agreed with the number stated at the gate there - 4130m above sea level!

Haha...Don't you think the two of us look like two traveling monks with our walking sticks?

Before we started to descend, our Singaporean friends arrived too. Jessy also joined us for a group photo, as she walked with us from Himalaya to MBC.

It was moment of joy, moment of celebration. 

And yeah, I forgot to put some nice beautiful picture of the sun shining on the Annapurna range of mountains.

Y was struggling with his descend.  His shoes were very slippery on ice and snow.  He kept slipping.  Both Resham and Abi got very worried about him.  At the end, Abi changed shoes with him to make life a bit easier.

I hate ice on the road.  They are treacherous.  Look at me, do I look like the great venerable Xuan Zhuang (玄奘).

I couldn't remember much about the rest of the day.  For the night, we stayed at Bamboo.  The dinning hall was full with people, the Koreans, the American, the French guys, etc, etc.  Our Singaporeans are the most brave and daring.  They again walked in the dark, and got separated into two groups, as Jessy kind of injured her foot.

I had a very good night of sleep that night.  Probably I occupied a big bed, all to myself, and I didn't have to worry about my blanket to fall down to the floor.  Probably I walked down from high altitude to low altitude and my lung suddenly was full of oxygen, and I was getting high.  Who cares...

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