Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nepal Day 11: Fewa Lake & Devi Falls

Pokhara is famous for its lake and the lake side area, so how can I miss the lake?

That's how Fewa Lake looks like.  It is a small lake at the foot of the Himalaya mountains.  The softness of water gives the tough mountains a romantic look.  It also makes people to slow down and relax at her side.

There is a small island with a Varahi Temple near the palace area.  The only way to get to the island is by boat.  Right opposite the island, there is a place where you can rent your boat.  You can rent the boat only, and do the rowing yourself; or you can hire a boat and a boat man.  Not really cheap.  The price is anything from Rs300 onwards. 

Another attraction in Pokhara is Devi Falls.  There are many variations of its name, but they are all referring to the same thing.  When you first heard of Devi Falls, what would come to your mind?  A water fall?  That was what I thought.  We took a taxi to go there, which is in the southern part of Pokhara, and outside of the main tourist lake shore area.  The taxi ride was only about 10 minutes.  The taxi driver asked us whether we wanted to hire him for one way only or for return as well.  One is Rs250, and return is Rs400, and he would wait for us for around 30 minutes or so.  I thought, hell, only 30 minutes for us to enjoy a water fall?

When we got to Devi Falls, we got a HUGE surprise!  It is NOT a typical water fall.  Only when I read my Lonely Planet guide book line by line carefully did I realize Devi Falls actually is overflow water Fewa Lake, and it drops down suddenly into a hole in the ground. 

Holy shit, this is Devi Falls.  And we came at the wrong time of the year some more.  There was hardly any water in it.  According to the sign board in the Devi Falls area (btw, you have to pay Rs20 to visit Devi Falls), the best time of the year is between July & Sept.  Hello, we were there in December, hardly any water, dry season, no rain, no snow, so no water fall either.  Even if there is plenty of water, I doubt we can see a nice fall, other than a big stream.  

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