Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nepal Day 11: Pokhara Street Festival

To usher in the western new year of 2010, Pokhara had their annual street festival at the lakeshore area. 


The road was closed for the parade and outdoor dining.  Everywhere you could feel the sense of happiness and the mood of festival.

Some scattering groups first came out for the parade in the afternoon.

Take note of the lackluster stone wall in the two pictures above, that was the Royal Palace in Pokhara.  

As the sun was about to set, some VIP came to the lake shore area.

Too bad, I don't know who was the VIP, what was the VIP.  I supposed it was the one with the white 'hada'.  Watched too much news on terrorists attacks and suicide bombers in the Indian subcontinent, so I had better stay far far away from the VIP.

After the VIP passed, it came the more colorful and bigger parade groups. 


Ok, enough of their street festival, how can we miss out something that you can only see in Nepal. 

 Too small?  You can't see what is there?  Here is an enlargement.

And it is not unusual to see man and man holding hands in the streets here in Nepal, however, there is quite a fundamental difference in its meaning in Nepal and in places such as San Francisco.

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