Saturday, January 9, 2010

Protrek PRG80 Review - After a Field Trip

This is a follow-up review on the Protrek PRG80 watch Casio.  You can find the previous reviews on this blog here.

Protrek PRG80 has this 24-city world time feature.  It is fantastic if the city you are going to falls in one of the 24, or in one of the 24 time zones.  Then it becomes a bit tricky when the city you are visiting has a slight time difference with the nearest city available on the world time list offered by Casio.  For example, there is this tiny 15 minutes time difference between Delhi and Kathmandu.  I don't know why but the difference is there.  And Kathmandu is not one of the 24 cities in the Protrek list.  Ok, there are two ways to work around this, one is to set your watch's current time to the Kathmandu time, and pretend it's New Delhi time.  The other is always add 15 minutes to your watch's display.

Another inconvenience of this watch is if you are displaying a city's time using the world time feature, then you can't use the digital compass, or the altitude meter, or the barometer.  You have to get out of the world time setting in order to use all those useful features.  Not a big deal, but just a bit of inconvenience.

The third complaint has been echoed by others before, that's the use of the barometer to measure temperature.  It is not really convenient to have to remove your watch from your wrist for 30 minutes before you can make an accurate temperature reading. 

The fourth complaint is the alarm clock.  The alarm will only ring for 10 seconds and the sound is really soft.  During my Nepal trip, if I wore my watch during sleep, 100% of the time I couldn't hear the alarm.  Maybe it was because my hand was in my sleep bag, the alarm could not get through. 

All these are small imperfections this watch has, nonetheless, it is still a good watch, as it went through the ordeal with me, and functioned correctly all the time during trip. 

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