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Nepal Day 9: Jhinudanda Hot Spring

26 Dec 2009

We set off at Bamboo early in the morning with high spirit.  Today, we would stay over night at Jhinudanda, where there is a hot spring.  Hot spring, hot spring, that's what I like most, man!  The expression 'hot spring' itself already made me happy and looking forward to it.

Before we could get to hot spring, we had to go back to Chomrong to collect our stuff stored there.  Wah, Chomrong will have a place forever in my memory!  There are endless flights of stairs at Chomrong.  And Chomrong is big.  We spent more than an hour walking within the boundary of it.  My gosh.  Y was like a walking machine.  I was already half way up one mountain, while Y was still way behind at the top of an opposite mountain, but in no time, he already caught up with me, and overtook me.  He walked very very fast in the front.  And that was like one way uphill.  Our guest house at Chomrong is almost the highest point.  Just imagine how exhausted I was when I got there.  Then about an hour later, the Singaporeans also came, which made our guest house full of life :D

After lunch, we descended to Jhinu.  Our guest house is a half completed guest house.  The ground floor was done, but the 1st floor was still under construction.  However, this is the most 'modern' guest house, as there is an attached bathroom in our room.  Again, we had to share a room with Y.

Highlight of the day was of course hot spring.  We had to walk for about half an hour downhill to the hot spring.  The facility there, as expected, was very rudimentary.  A shed for you to change clothes.  There was no door at all, only a curtain.

There are three pools there, two are together, while one is very far way and nobody used it.  For the two, one is hotter, while the other is cooler.  The hot pool was full of Koreans.  I was like the only Chinese there.  Then suddenly someone asked me in English whether I was from China.  I said yes, then mumbled something I didn't catch.  Then he repeated it again in English asking me whether I speak Japanese.  Do I look like someone who could speak Japanese?  Then I got to know he is a Japanese living in KL.  He also spent 3 years working in Dalian, China, and he could speak some Chinese too.  Wow, I was impressed.  And I quickly introduced him to Y.  Let the Japanese talk to themselves....Haha.....Later on, we found out that Japanese man stayed at the same guest house as we did, and right next to our room!

The hot spring was so nice.  It relaxed my sore muscles.  Muscles on my thigh were so sore that I felt immense pain whenever I touched them.  It felt so good to be immersed in the hot spring.

The Koreans were a bit crazy.  The hot spring is right next to a stream, and some of the Koreans went soaking in the ice cold stream naked!

Ok, today no photos.  Too tired to take any photos for the day and the importance of enjoying my hot spring is higher than anything else.

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