Thursday, January 21, 2010

Japan's Richest Man

Usually I don't really care about who is the richest man in whichever country, anyway, I know it will not be me, or any of my friends or even just acquaintance.  However, I am very keen to share with you who the richest man is in Japan for 2009.  He is Tanashi Yanai. (see this link.)

Who is Tanashi Yanai?  Why is he so special other than being the richest man in Japan?  If I ask you to guess which industry the richest person is in, what might be your answer?  For myself, I probably would say real estate, or some fancy industry such as Sony or NTT, etc.  Never did I know the richest man in Japan is in the retail industry, selling nothing but casual clothes.  The brand of clothes they sell happens to be UNIQLO (it is pronounced as yunikuro in Japanese).

Did you ever expect someone selling clothes could become the richest man of the world's 2nd largest economy?  Isn't it impressive? 

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