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Nepal Day 11: Pokhara - Part I: Restaurants & Guest Houses

28 Dec 2009

In Pokhara, we stayed in a guest house called RARAA.  It is again tucked into one side street, and not very prominent.  The building is new, and the room was reasonably furnished with attached bathroom.  The interior is modern and to western style.  They also have access to the roof top.  Perfect place to sit there, idling while enjoying the warm sunshine.  It is also a perfect place to hang your laundry :D

There are about 3 Chinese restaurants in Pokhara, namely Lakeside Garden Restaurant, Orchid Restaurant, & Chinatown Restaurant.  Orchid and Chinatown are owed by a father and son operation, the owners are said to be Indonesian Chinese.  I didn't meet the owners so I can confirm.  The food in Orchid is more of South-East Asia style, that's for sure. 

Lakeside Garden Restaurant is one big landmark in Pokhara.  It is a big white building at the end of the lake shore. You will never miss it.  The owner is from Inner Mongolia, China.  He has been in Nepal for 3 years.  The food there is not bad, quite to our liking.  The owner said he is very good in mutton dishes, as he is from the grand grass land of Inner Mongolia.  The owner is a Christian, so he detests Hindu's, as well as other religions.  Talks like a typical die-hard Christian. 

The waiter there serving us was a young Nepali   He spent some time working in Singapore too.  Haha... Can't believe it, you meet your own folks everywhere :P

A guest house in Pokhara that has been highly recommended by some Chinese travelers is Blue Heaven.  It is at the very far end of the other end of the Fewa Lakeshore area.  I didn't expect it would be this far away.  However, its location is right next to Fewa lake, you can have good view if your room is facing the lake.  From the outside, it looks very decent and nice.

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