Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nepal Day 4 - Part II: Tadapani

After we came down from Poon Hill, we had our breakfast at our guest house, then we started again our journey to Tadapani.  Our group expanded today.  There were only 3 of us, WJ, Abi and myself, now we had two more members.  One is Japanese Y, and his guide Resham.  Reshan is 32 years old, with 5 years experience as a porter and 7 years of experience as a guide.  He is married with 3 daughters.  So you tell he is a lot more fatherly and knows how to serve his customers well.  It was him in the later days who walked quietly but closely behind me, and graped my hand whenever danger appeared.  He also took up much of the job of a guide in the coming days and led our way to Annapurna base camp.  Why did the two of them join us?  Till this day, I am still unsure.  It seems like Resham had a chat with Abi and found that we were walking the same trek, same route, same timing, so they decided to walk together so that the two of them can have some company.  And also Y is not very good in English, Resham can't really communicate with Y well.  Resham wanted to have someone to talk to as well :)

Ok, back to our trekking.  As we walked from Gorenpani to Ban Thanti (a different Ban Thanti), we had great views of the Annapurna mountains.
Actually even if you don't go up to Poon Hill, you can still get a fantastic view of the Annapurna ranges of mountains.  They look beautiful.  Well, you don't sunrise, though.

And then I got confused by the different maps.  I bought a topography map in Kathmandu, which shows our lunch place, Ban Thanti, is at most half way between Gorenpani and Tadapani, but the map shown at the guest houses along the trek show Ban Thanti is very close to Tadapani.

I am quite confused by the contradictions between the two.  I am not really sure whether the two Ban Thanti's are the same place.  There are more than one case that two different places have the same name along our route.  Anyway, from our lunch place Ban Thanti to Tadapani is only a short walk.  (Ok, after walking for a few days, 1-2 hours walk is a 'short' walk).

And take note of the two guys pointing by the two red arrows.  This is actually a random shot at one of the tea houses along the trek for a tea stop.  I didn't notice these two guys, until I met them again at MBC, and took some photos for them.  

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