Saturday, February 28, 2009

10-min Hair Cut

Where do you usually go for your hair cut? I used to go to neighbourhood barber shops, but now have changed to mainly those 10-min cut chain shops. So far I have tried out both QB House and EC House.

The quality very much depends on the particular person serving you. I have been to QB house many times, the experience differs from very good, to average or bad. My recent trip there I was served by John Tay. He was friendly, and most importantly, his skills are good. After the hair cut, I looked very fresh. I am very happy with the hair cut. But then another time, I was served by another guy. He was a bit rude. At the end of the cut, I requested him to trim a bit more here & there. He was not very pleased and complained that I should have told him earlier, blah blah blah.... Lots of complaints! I made similar requests before to other hairdressers at the same QB house branch, nobody has made any noise before, this guy is the first one.

Another bad experience was with EC house (@ Woodlands Civic Centre). The guy used a shaver with a very blunt blade I think. The shaver kept pulling my hair and it was very painful. I informed the guy, politely requesting him to change to another one, but he refused! He said that shaver was a new one. So he stubbornly used that blunt shaver, although with more care. I don't know whether it was the shaver's problem or his problem, after I complained, the shaver didn't pull my hair anymore. It gave me a very bad impression on that guy.

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