Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year Dinner

Had a delicious Chinese New Year dinner with my current and former colleagues at Mellben Seafood at AMK.

They are famous for their crabs, chilli crab, butter crab. And their crabs are giantic. Can you imagine the claw of the crab is as big as an adult man's hand. However, their crabs are not all that fresh. The meat is not easily peeled, which means it is not really that fresh.

Anyway, it is a rare occasion that so many of us can come together. Some of them had disappeared from our life for a couple of years, but now they are back again. And they still look the same as before.

Under the current economic condition, everybody is uncertain about what is in store in the near future. Many companies have announced plans to cut down on headcounts. Job security has overtaken salary and wealth as the top most priority for almost everybody.

Well, let's hope everybody can survive this most severe economic crisis of the century and come out stronger!

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