Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Model Shoot at Busy Hong Kong Street

When I was in Hong Kong last week, I bumped into a model shoot in a busy street in downtown Hongkong. The female model stood in the middle of a pedestrian crossing, while the photographer hid at one corner of a pedestrian overhead bridge! There was no photography assistant visible. I guess the model has some kind of communication equipment in her ears, as I could see she posed following some instruction, and sometimes you could her totally lost as what the photographers wanted her to do.

Passers-by just gave the model a curious look and then walked on, seldom see anyone slow down to find out what is happening. Maybe it is really something very common in busy Hong Kong, as I know our Big Brother Jackie Chan did that in an even more busy street before.

And I wonder, does the photographer need to get a model release from ALL the passers-by? Haha.... I was one of them, so I am waiting for someone to come up to me asking me to sign a model release....:D Just joking....Fat hope....

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