Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Stupid

I'm very stupid! That's what I finally realised.

It took me almost 10 years to find out I had been fooled by rat. That hardship the rat had been talking about was in fact nitpick from the lap of luxuary. Based on that information, I made wrong decisions, stupid moves, and then I ended up in the current state.

I had always wondered why the pig gave me so much autonomy, I suspected it was because whatever assigned to me was not important, yet I still diligently worked on my tasks. Then the pig cancelled the project.

The pig assigned people to me under training. I spent my time and effort training the new guys. If anyone one of them happens to have great potentials, he/she will be re-assigned to other projects, due to a resource crunch.

The pig said I was not knowledgable enough to do presentations to the customers, so somebody else should go for that trip. A couple of years later, when I gained the knowledge, the pig sent somebody else for that trip, saying that guy is more suitable, although that guy had no clue about what he talked about.

The only good thing of being stupid is you are transparent in the office. People walk past you as if you do exist. Absolutely nobody will get jealous about you, and your position is very 'safe'. Nobody will take up that position.

There is a saying it is better late than never. Taking 8 years to realise I am stupid is still not too bad. Just don't get fooled around by pigs and monkeys. Today is the most memorable day in my life. I should never forget this date. It will become my 纪念日!Finally I am honest to myself!

Because of the pig's mean setup, and my own stupidity, I wasted a precious 8 years at my current position, the most precious 8 years in a persons life! The set-backs in this position has made me have low self-esteem. When it comes to dating, this failure always daunts me, making me feel inferior to the girl I date. But today onwards, I will not have the inferior feel anymore. I should not punish myself for the pig's fault. I shall live as a happy person, get back what I have lost in the past 8 years!

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