Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ramen Santouka (火头山)

There is a small Japanese restaurant hidden at one corner of the Central Mall in Clark Quay. The shop is actually behind a Chinese restaurant called 'The Grains'. Yet, there is always a long queue outside.

Just out of curiosity, I paid a visit to them. Small shop space, only a couple of tables, less than 10? As the name implies, they are most famous for their ramen, and the meat from a pig's chin.

Pig's Chin Meat

The pig's chin meat is tender, has nice texture. They marinated with some special sauce, so it is very delicious. A top recommendation from my friend, R.

Their ramen are served in very thick soup base. They are just like those served in Japan itself. As you can see in the pictures above, the portions are big, more than enough for a young man to have a filling meal.

However, in terms of taste and healthy eating, their food is a bit more on the salty side. The pig's chin meat is marinated so it is naturally more salty; the ramen soup base, I suspect, has been cooked for long hours, so it is also a bit salty, as a result of the many long hours of cooking.

My rating: 4/5. It is quite close to what you can get in Japan itself.

Ramen Santonka
6, Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-76, The Central
Tel: (65) 6224-0668
Business Hours: 11:00-21:45

And it has these two special notes to the customers:
1. In such situation of soup running out, we may shorten the day of business hour.
2. We do not take reservations.

Wow, judging from such statements and the long queue outside the restaurant, their business must be really good. Anyway, good things should be shared :)

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