Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese New Year Gathering

Had a Chinese New Year gathering with my friends LHJ, WCH & XYH tonight at the famous Maxwell Food Center in Singapore's Chinatown.

Today is only the 12th day into the Chinese New Year, officially the new year is still not over yet. The Chinese New Year decorations in Chinatown are still shining, blinking, trying hard to create a festive atmosphere among the gloom & doom economic crisis, the worst ever recession faced by this prosperous city state.

I ordered the curry chicken rice noodle. Well, the curry chicken is a bit special. Usually for curry chicken, the curry and chicken are cooked together. In this case, the chicken in fact is steamed. After the rice noodle is cooked, the steamed chicken is then added to the rice noodle. Lastly, curry sauce cooked with bean curd are added to the rice noodle and chicken.

The taste, suprisingly, is not bad. The chicken is tender & delicious. It doesn't taste like normal curry chicken which tends to be a bit too coarse.

What did we talk about at the gathering? What other topics will be better than how many employees each company is going to retrench, how much pay cut each will get, whether a 4-day week work scheme will be implemented. Well, this current crisis is already the 3rd economic crisis we have encountered since we graduated from university. Whatever goes down, will go up again. It is a just a matter of time. It may take a year or two, it may take a decade or two. Nobody knows. But we still have a life to live, days to go by.

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