Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Get To Jusco at Tebrau City

There are three simple ways to get to Jusco@Tebrau City.

1. Take a taxi. You know JB taxis don't run on fare meter even if there is one in the taxi. You always have to negotiate a fare to your destination. The last price I heard is RM22.00 from City Square to Tebrau City.

2. Take a public bus in front of JB Central/City Square. There are a number of buses that pass by Tebrau City. Two of them I know are Bus 6B & Bus 188. The cost is RM2.50 per person per trip. Alight at the bus stop after you see Tesco, a recently opened shopping mall, which is just a stone's throw away from Jusco.

Dari: Bandar Raya
Ke: Taman Johor Jaya

3. Of course you can drive to Jusco. After you pass the custom, just take the Tebrau Highway straight.

Ok, what is there at Jusco. Jusco is the anchor tenant at Tebrau City, another mega shopping mall in JB. Comparing with the last time I was there, the only difference now is more shops have closed down. The things there are too expensive for Malaysia's standard of living, in my humbe opinion. The newly opened Tesco is slightly better. At least I can still find some good buys there.

Oh, by the way, there is a toy shop in Tesco selling remote-controlled helicopters at the price of RM89.00, the same model selling at City Square is RM99.00, a slight price difference.


  1. teksi fare to tebrau city jusco is rm12-13, flag a cab on roads instead of those waiting there. Coming back is rm18, flag one between road of tesco + jusco.

  2. Do you take the same bus back to City Square? Where shall you alight? Thank you.

  3. Beary,yes, you can take the same bus back to city square. It is right in front of city square, you won't miss it, and it is also the terminal station :)

  4. is there a taxi terminal to get a taxi at tebrau city

  5. Yes, there is a taxi stand where you can get a taxi at Tebrau City.