Friday, February 20, 2009

Gyuzen (牛膳)

Japanese beef is world famous, when you are in Japan, how can you miss such delicacy? When I was in Himeji, I discover a small little shop specialising in Japanese beef, with a reasonable price.

Well, we ordered the cheapest, just in case it is not good :) The set we ordered is a 3,800 yen set, which comprises 3 types of beef, hundred-day old chicken meat and different vegetables.

The 3 types of beef basically refer to beef from different parts of the cow. The prices for beef from different part of the cow can vary a lot more than you thought, so does the taste! A picture is worth a thousand words, so just let you see the picture of our food and you will know.
They actually put labels on each type of meat to let you differentiate them, and feel the different tastes later. To turn the raw beef into cooked beef, you have to do your grilling yourself. Wah, with a great chef, R, around, the grilling is exceptionally good. You ask me how the beef tastes? Ok, it melts in your mouth. It is juicy, fresh, delicious, tasty, running out of words to describe it.

The grilling part is fun too. Time for you to chit-chat with your friends, enjoy a glass of beer. And most importantly, there is no smoke!
My rating: 4.9/5
You can visit their website at:

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